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Picture of spectacles signifying proofreading and Albanian translation services provided by our Albanian Conference Interpreters, Albanian Interpreters and Albanian Translators This is a picture of Diana Singureanu, provider of qualified Albanian Translators (Albanian Translation Services), Albanian Interpreters and Albanian Conference Interpreters. Her website provides interpreting and Albanian translation services from Albanian to English and from English to Albanian. She graduated with Master Awards in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies. She works with several Albanian Interpreters, Albanian Conference Interpreters, and Albanian Translators who provide Albanian Interpreting services Albanian Conference Interpreting Services and Albanian Translating services. Picture with the text translation signifying the Albanian Translation services offered by native Albanian Translators

Our team of Albanian translators specialises in legal, financial, medical & technical translations. Due to their proactive attitude they are always ready to help resolve any issues and flexible to meet any requirements. They are committed to undertaking continual professional development and they abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice


EFTHYMIA | Why Choose Me?^6D2B54BDE79B3DE5F585958630455EDB66220AAEFD3A0913EB^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

I am very eager to learn and gain experience in the field of translation, now that I am finishing my studies in translation. I am punctual and very productive under pressure. I have dealt with texts of economic, legal and scientific substance. I also have professional experience, as I recently completed my internship as an Albanian translator in the Institute of International Economic Relations in Athens, Greece.

About me

I can be very thorough during the procedure of translation. I have experience in translation and have dealt with a variety of texts during my studies and my internship. I also have practised my working languages both verbally and in writing. I like to be challenged and my goal is to improve my skills as an Albanian translator, which can be proven by the fact I participated in projects and in the Erasmus program.
I try my best being punctual and responsible both as a person and as a worker. I am inspired and hard working. I also can be very productive under pressure. I am not fond of a quick and careless dealing of affairs. Finally, I have been responsible for teams in projects many times in the past and I do not fear the responsibilities a team work entails.

My Education as Albanian Translator

I have been studying translation from 2012 until today. My working languages are Greek, English and German. My grades are very satisfying. I have participated in lectures, projects and in the Erasmus program, as I mention in my resume. Finally, I applied for an internship, even though it was not a compulsory task in order to complete my studies.
▪ Participation in a two-day seminar about subtitling, Corfu, 16 -17 May 2013
▪ Participation in the symposium “Is standard English on its way out? The imperial cultural background”, Corfu, 18 May
▪ Participation in the project “Translate for Justice”, Germersheim, 10/2014 – 02/2015
▪ Participation in the workshop “ Sprachnorm, Prestige und Stigma im Griechischen als Ausgangs- oder/ und Zielsprache”, Germersheim, 10/2014 – 02/2015
▪ Participation in the workshop “Hands on Subtitling”, Corfu, 26 February 2016
▪ Participation in the seminar “Diplomatic History”, Corfu, 2016
A year ago I started to learn Russian, so that I can translate in or from Russian in the near future.

Albanian Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

legal, economic and scientific texts.
Besides translation and subtitling, I would also like to work in public relations and train as a project manager.

Leijla| Why Choose Me?

Choosing my translating abilities means choosing the abilities of a person that has spent years and years of of translating and researching. Being born in a bilingual family translating and learning languages began firs as a hobby before becoming a job.
After years of forcing my way trough books written in a foreign language, I learned from my experience those tricks and loopholes that can save time and preserve the quality and feeling of the original sentence in the translated one. Some tomes the feeling, the essence of a sentence is way more important that being literarily faithful to the original because it keeps the atmosphere of the original. Sometimes I learned that a literal translation is the best way to clarify the point of the original text. It variates from the kind of work. I might be young but I have had experience with thousands upon thousands of pages and quite a number of languages for you to trust me.

About me

I’m a 19 years old that was born Macedonian.

From the very beginning I was surrounded by many languages, so that I started my live as bilingual.

Albanian and Italian are my mother languages.

When I was fifteen I decided that the academic level of English that my school provided me was not enough.

Dozens of books,tv-shows and films later i can say that I am proficient in every aspect of the language. Unfortunately my pronunciation is still very Italian.

At seventeen I moved to another county because I wanted to challenge myself int learning a whole new language : German.

Thanks to the past basic knowledge of latin,  the german grammar was considerably less difficult that it could have been. Even though I am still working on my fluency end expression, my understanding is good enough to produce a good translated work.

My values are simple. I finish what I have begun. I quadruple check the quality of my work. I stay faithful of my word.

My Education as Albanian Translator

While proceeding with higher that average grades in my Italian Liceo, I managed to improve my english fluency.

Due to familiar reasons I had to retire from the ” normal ” academic course and pursue the life of a homeschoold high school student.

While preparing myself for the private finals exams I worked on my german knowledge..

Other that the paper world, I have a the European Computer Driving Licence ( ECDL ) completed in just about one year.

Services I offer as Albanian Translator

Albanian Translating Services, Albanian Subtitling Services
I do not specialise in interpreting.

Albanian Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Translations of mainly fiction but also non fiction works.
If there are any special requests I will to my best to comply them..

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Reviews on my Albanian translation services are available on request