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Picture of spectacles signifying proofreading and Albanian translation services provided by our Albanian Conference Interpreters, Albanian Interpreters and Albanian Translators Picture with the text translation signifying the Albanian Translation services offered by native Albanian Translators This is a picture of Diana Singureanu, provider of qualified Albanian Translators (Albanian Translation Services), Albanian Interpreters and Albanian Conference Interpreters. Her website provides interpreting and Albanian translation services from Albanian to English and from English to Albanian. She graduated with Master Awards in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies. She works with several Albanian Interpreters, Albanian Conference Interpreters, and Albanian Translators who provide Albanian Interpreting services Albanian Conference Interpreting Services and Albanian Translating services.

Our team of qualified Albanian Conference Interpreters / Albanian Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT. They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).




I have completed my bachelor’s degree in marketing, my master’s degree in International Business and have been working for 10 years in private companies as a marketing, public relations and business development executive. On the other hand, translating is a passion of mine and I have translated one book from English to Albanian and two books from Italian to Albanian; I have translated and edited different business-related and legal materials for private clients, have done some subtitling (HBO’s Vice documentaries) and have been the official translator and Albanian interpreter for Tirana Film Festival in 2015. My language skills are quite developed because of a natural tendency I have towards languages, my years of studying and working abroad, and my desire to be as accurate and efficient as I can in translations. I have a client-oriented approach which derives from my desire to give a real contribution and value to the things I do. I give my best to reach a standard where all parties are happy.

About me

I am a person who strives under a purpose and objectives which contribute to the development of other individuals or organisations. I am always looking for my own self-development and as a result I am quite ambitious and give my best in what I do. I try to understand the needs of others and I am quite flexible and easy in communication. If I have an objective I have the tendency to solve problems  that might arise rather than remain stuck, as I am forward-looking. Studying and working in different countries such as Albania, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain, have added to my original empathy and understanding. I prefer depth to superficiality, harmony to conflict and looking towards the future rather than being stuck in the past. I love to re-invent myself and explore my talents, thus I have tried to develop different skills such as language skills with translations, editing and Albanian interpreting, drawing and artistic skills with graphic design and communication skills with marketing and public relations. I love to be multi-dimensional and strive to realise my full potential.
For me, integrity is very important and in the moment I notice that people around me or the organisation I am working for does not share the same principle, I find it quite natural to break the relation. A while ago, I was offered a job as an executive producer at a production studio in Tirana and I decided to try it out. Anyhow, I saw that the company did not pay employees on time and they had unclear standards for people they hired for different projects. Although my own payment was delivered correctly, I could not go on hiring people and then keep double standards on company regulations. I left the company without needing much time to think it through, because I knew that their policies contrasted much with my working ethics.
I am a forward-looking individual and I am motivated by people, jobs and situations that contribute to my self-development. In the moment I see that something is not helping me reach my full potential, I tend to change my direction. While I was living in Spain, I worked for a family-owned company which had some financial problems and my job became to be something like routine secretarial work. I felt that this did not fit my desire to give a significant contribution, thus I moved from the job and decided to come back to my country where I am currently involved in government projects. Here I can develop my potential and give a concrete contribution to the development of society.
Self-innovation is something that comes natural to me, as I thrive developing my talents and expressing myself in several ways. Several years ago, I felt I needed to work on my creativity and innovative side, and I started to take graphic design tutorials. Drawing has been a passion and hobby of mine, which has made graphic design quite attractive over the years. I also worked as a graphic design intern in two advertising agencies, where I offered my proposals for some branding concepts and designs. I find experiencing new things and innovating very uplifting and a growth factor in my personal and professional life.

My Education as Albanian Interpreter and Albanian Conference Interpreter

I completed a bachelor’s degree in marketing at New York University Tirana with a 3.7 average and a master’s degree in International Business at EAE Business School in Barcelona, hence as an Albanian Conference interpreter I focus mainly on business and marketing. My master’s project was a team project where we had to create a business plan for a new company in the Spanish market. We were an international team with very different backgrounds and culture, and the challenge was to understand the way of thinking and the motivational factors of each one of the team members. We chose to work on the business plan of a new Crossfit gym in Barcelona. During the brainstorming phase and the division of the work, I found myself in the role of the mediator, trying to understand everyone’s point of view and make sure that our time and quality objectives were met. I tried to create synergies out of the team’s differences, and provide the necessary energy and understanding to overcome issues and personality clashes. In the end, we split the work according to our field of expertise and experience, and ended up creating quite a satisfactory product.
I have followed online tutorials and internships in graphic design, mostly in Illustrator. I started to get really interested in graphic design while I was working for the company ‘Rohersam’ in Valencia, where someone was needed to prepare the layout of the packaging, promotional offers and catalogs. I also completed internships in two advertising agencies in Tirana, where I designed three branding concepts and some other promotional materials for several clients.
I followed some training sessions on public administration, its ethics and legislation while working for ADISA (The Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services of Albania). As I have been mainly working in the private sector previously, these training has been quite helpful to get some insights on how the public administration works and dynamics behind it.
I have followed an internship in Barcelona at Axiome Groupe which was a company organising business conferences. I was responsible of selecting the topic, putting together the program while finding the right speakers and finally making sure that all the steps were followed.
I have taught private economics lessons in English to some Spanish students in Valencia studying in a British college.
I also have an intermediate level of Spanish which I learned during my 3 years in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia and Seville) and a basic level of German which I learned during my 1 year in Germany (Cologne) where I attended one year of elementary school.

Services I offer as Albanian Interpreter and Albanian Conference Interpreter

Conference Interpreter, Business Interpreter, Police & Court Interpreter
Albanian Translator, Albanian Editing Services, Albanian Proofreading Services, Albanian Subtitling services.
Graphic design, online marketing services, Interpreting and Translation services

Albanian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

General: I have been the official translator and Albanian interpreter for Tirana Film Festival.
Medical: I have translated medical brochures and informative leaflets while working for Hygeia Hospital Tirana.
Legal: I have translated some legal materials such as certificates and contracts for some private clients.
Marketing & communication: I have translated marketing and communication materials during my job assignments for different companies I have worked for.
General & literature: I have been the official translator and Albanian interpreter for Tirana Film Festival. I have also translated one artistic novel from English to Albanian.
Sociology: I have translated two sociology books from Italian to Albanian.
Graphic design, online marketing services

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

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